Introductory Remarks

I studied Indoeuropean and African linguistics at Vienna University from 1980 to 1986. My thesis "Agglutinationstheoretische Beiträge zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Flexionsendungen des Urindogermanischen" was written in German. The work describes a model of an early stage of Proto-Indoeuropean which is assumed to have been an ergative type language with a non sex-based gender system animate versus inanimate. I think that it would be a pity if nobody discussed the ideas of this work because the work is unknown. So I have decided to publish a shortened English version of the work on the World Wibe Web to make it known and to start a discussion of its main ideas.

Everyone is allowed to use parts of the work or even the whole work for scientific purposes under the condition that this source is cited.

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Written by Hans-Joachim Alscher